Thanks to our distributors, agents, and representatives, our products can be found in restaurants, hotels, pork butchers’ and delicatessen shops, and supermarkets and are also available on-line.

As for Torreón the international market has always been a point of reference, today we export our products to over 25 countries in America, Asia, and Europe. This makes it necessary for us to have departments of qualified staff specialising in exports, quality, and logistics.

In this way the collaboration of the business, quality, and logistics departments both within Spain and internationally means that the product delivery service is optimum and subsequent customer service is excellent.

We are looking for distributors and collaborators

We are always open to new proposals and to the establishing of relationships of collaboration, so if you want to represent our brand do not hesitate to contact us.

Torreón Ibéricos: Mapa de exportación


We encourage the culture and the art of ham slicing since we consider that it is the best way of savouring our star product:


In order to achieve this aim our staff includes several master ham slicers and we organise catering sessions and other events; moreover we train our clients at the factory whenever they request us to do so.


Our products come from Iberian pigs reared on the dehesa, their perfect habitat where they feed on natural pastures and acorns. One of the main characteristics of Iberian ham is that it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids with an oleic acid content of 55%; this figure is similar to that of olive oil.

Our all products contain NO GLUTEN and NO LACTOSE.

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