Ibéricos Torreón has considerable experience in the crafting of Iberian products which goes back to the 1960s.

When in 1981 Generoso García decided to transfer the ham and sausage company from Guijuelo to Villares de la Reina in the province of Salamanca he took a big step forward in the development of a project which has grown to become one of the most recognisable brands in the sector. Little by little a slaughterhouse was constructed with its cutting room, the installations were expanded with natural drying warehouses for Iberian hams, and the administrative section was modernised so as to offer this exquisite product together with the best possible service.

Today the third generation of the family controls and directs the production, organisation, and management, taking very much into account what our grandparents have taught us but also adapting to the sanitary requirements and gastronomic trends that affect us on a daily basis.

Torreón Ibéricos: Historia
logotipos ibéricos torreón
cortador de jamón


Since our company was founded its commercial recognition has been based on three essential mainstays:

  • Respect for tradition and meticulous preparation in which our knowledge of the culture of the Iberian pig has continued to grow and evolve over the years.
  • A personalised service designed to satisfy the specific needs of each of our clients:  labelling, logistics, formats, etc.
  • Regularity – Our commitment to compliance with sanitary regulations and demands is guaranteed by the management system UNE EN ISO 22000, IFS, APPCC, and the protocol for export certificates (Specific Self-control Systems – Sistemas de Autocontrol Específicos, SAE), which allow us to maintain the most demanding quality standards and regularity in production.


The plant has been designed for the carrying out of the complete production cycle and includes:

  • Slaughterhouse
  • Cutting room
  • Cold store
  • Sausage factory
  • Artificial and natural drying warehouses
  • Clean room for deboning and slicing
  • Packaging room
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In our team of nearly 40 people we rely on each of them for their expertise in production, caring for and selecting the product, customer service, administration, and quality.

A combination of experts in the art of the knife which is necessary for cutting up and deboning the product, a careful and meticulous ham master who chooses each item individually, the demanding women from the quality department, our rigorous logistics colleague, and naturally the administrative department means that we grow a little more each year.

We consider ourselves to be one big family, each member of which seeks excellence in teamwork and is proud of our brand.