60 years of tradition and know-how


Our family business located in Salamanca has a tradition of nearly 60 years.

The complete process of the production and curing of our hams, loins, and sausages takes place in our installations so as to achieve an optimum quality product that remains uniform over time and is always in keeping with consumer demand.


Our acorn-fed products are produced from Iberian pigs reared on the dehesa, their perfect habitat where they feed on natural pastures and acorns. It is on these pasturelands interspersed with evergreen oaks, gall-oaks, and cork oaks in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula where the animals roam the hectares they need to grow and develop their musculature.


The extremely slow curing of the hams and sausages and the cold dry climate of the winter months that prevails in Salamanca combine to allow the obtaining of a very high quality product.


The final result of the know-how of our family, the care we take of our raw material, and our rigorous final selection is the excellent taste of our products to the delight of those who seek unique natural foods and consumer pleasure.